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Our Directpl story

Directpl at its best is a platform where people can find meaningful, rewarding work; a place where people can find opportunities to develop themselves.


Directpl was founded in 1997 in Warsaw. For the first 15 years of our existence, we were a fledgling software company with our own proprietary suite of solutions.


On January 1, 2013, Directpl changed ownership and strategy. We quickly grew into the global IT services company we are today.


We established a presence in the USA.


We finally opened offices in Chicago and Manila in order to better serve clients around the world.

Over the years we have learned a lot about turning an idea into an amazing piece of software, how to find and retain the best staff, the incredible value of professional software testing and how to reliably create shippable code. We put that knowledge and experience to work, building dedicated teams for our partners to provide outstanding quality services for our clients. Our core services include software development and testing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ServiceNow and Salesforce.com project management. Our teams may work from one of our offices or at our client’s location.

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Who is who at Directpl?

Directpl at its best is a platform where people can find meaningful, rewarding work; a place where people can find opportunities to develop themselves.

Angelo Presello


Hi, I’m Angelo, the CEO of Directpl. I’m responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly and that you have a great experience with us. In sum: this is all my fault.

Aleksandra Filonowicz

HR Manager

Hi, I’m Ola and I’m the HR Manager at Directpl. I oversee all of HR and I make sure that we find, grow and set our employees up for success from the moment they join us.

Aleksandra Fitkał

Talent Business Partner

Hi, I am Ola. I’m the forever optimist Talent Business Partner at Directpl. Among others, I’m responsible for salaries and invoices, recruitment and I take care of our Manila Team.

Krzysztof Kunowski

IT Director

Hi, I’m Krzysio. I’m the creative IT Director at Directpl. With my extensive work experience in programming and IT, no technical issue is a secret to me and I’m responsible for making sure that all IT operations run smoothly.

Piotr Sokołowicz

ServiceNow Product Manager

Hi, I’m Piotr! I’m the forever resourceful ServiceNow Product Manager at Directpl. I’m responsible for shaping our ServiceNow strategies to express my DNA – adding value to our customers and ensure they can always count on us.

Magdalena Krawczak

Business Development Director

Hi, I’m Magdalena! I’m the beaming Business Development Director at Directpl. I’m responsible for expanding our business operations and engaging with our clients to make sure our services meet their expectations.

Bartosz Jagiellowicz

Business Development Manager

Hi, I'm Bartosz! I’m the Business Development Manager who always sees the bright side of everything. I meet new prospects and find new projects. It's so rewarding to know my initial conversation with a new client is the first step towards solving their issue.

Patrycja Fabińska

Senior HR & Recruitment Specialist

Hi, I'm Pati, aka "Super Woman".😉 I work in the HR department. I am looking for outstanding people for our Direct Dream Team. I coordinate all processes related to employment and onboarding and make sure, that every employee understands how much he/she is important for us. If you are looking for a new job with a great atmosphere and you want to work in an exceptional organization - write to me!

Iuliia Grebeniuk

Office Coordinator

Hi, I’m Iuliia. If you visit us in our Warsaw office, I'll be your first contact at the reception desk. I look after the office and everyone here in terms of orders, small talks and general support. Together with the HR department, I manage benefits, invoices and more. I’m looking for harmony in everything - even in my name 50% of the letters is "i". I'll be happy to talk and help everyone as far as I can :)

Moira Rain Gabriel

Technical Recruiter / Administrative Coordinator

Hello! My name's Moira Rain. I joined Direct PL - PHL as the first HR department member in Philippines. My two main responsibilities are: hiring rockstar talents and performing administrative tasks. I am a total book nerd. Anything within the contemporary, psychological thriller, young adult, & chick-lit genre - I’ll splurge my time for it

Artur Paleczny

Budgeting Specialist

Hi, I am Artur. I am Budgeting Specialist in Directpl. I also work in this role for one of our clients - Procter&Gamble. I am responsible for financial issues in our company. In my free time I am finishing my master's degree on Jagiellonian University. The field of study is "Finance and controlling"🙂.

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What Our Clients Say

"At Tacton, we have to be very selective in choosing which partners to work with. It can be difficult to find developers with a unique combination of insight, technical skills, and creativity needed to work on our highly advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. Direct Communication is a reliable, engaged partner who understands our business and vision while building our team in Poland."

Robert Nilsson, Co-founder

"We engaged Directpl for a few projects for one of our clients. Directpl moved very quickly and were able to start the projects almost immediately with highly skilled people that worked under little supervision. All the developers were very good, hard-working and with a lot of initiative, they quickly got up to speed and were ahead of time in the projects. The projects were a success."

Erik Hedén, Technical Director

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