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Enhance digital employee experience with Directpl and ServiceNow!

Posted by Piotr Sokołowicz | Dec 11, 2019 10:21:32 AM

With all the technological innovations on the market, the workdays of employees are getting more complex. Fortunately for you, Directpl and ServiceNow have the right tools to help you ensure that your employees are truly getting the customer-treatment.

When drafting your business strategy, you should include a carefully thought-out digital workplace strategy. The reason is very simple: a positive digital employee experience can heavily impact the engagement with your business. Nonetheless, you should be aware that a compelling digital employee experience will be different from a great employee experience.

As a first step to streamline your business processes, you should consider automating your employee workflow. By doing so, you increase the level of satisfaction among your employees who will become more productive and efficient, not to mention more loyal to your company. This benefit of retaining top talent in companies is increasingly becoming crucial nowadays.

Being a Specialist ServiceNow Technology Partner, Directpl can assist you in implementing the ServiceNow Employee workflow to improve the digital employee experience in your company. Let’s explore the infographic below to better understand the benefits of digitizing your company with ServiceNow and Directpl.

digital employee experience

The need to ensure a great digital employee experience in your company is more important than ever. As Specialist ServiceNow Partner, our dedicated team can help you start your digital transformation journey for your business while creating a better employee experience. After a careful review of your business, we will use the ServiceNow applications to optimize business processes and tasks across IT, customer service, security operations, and HR service delivery.

Do you have more questions about ServiceNow Employee Workflow technology? Get in touch with us and let’s start making work better across your company!



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