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Business Challenges? Solve them with Digital Workflows

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In the current business context driven by the digital transformation journey, companies are confronted with new challenges, closely related to providing their employees and customers alike with a seamless experience. 

Living in the world of social media and viral news, all it takes is a simple bad customer review to cause great damage to your company’s reputation and further adversely impact your business sales. The solution proposed by ServiceNow is to tackle all these business challenges with the ServiceNow solutions in order to transform the IT experience, deliver a next-generation employee experience and delight your customers with top-notch service, all of these through digital workflows.

What are the pain points for your company’s IT department?

As a competitive business on the market, you should keep up with the latest technological advancements which means, first of all, getting rid of your legacy systems. However, transforming the IT experience throughout your entire business processes will prove to be quite a challenge because you are aiming to accelerate the service delivery process while ensuring quality

You will see how the lack of service visibility can produce high inconsistencies or how the high costs incurred with managing the IT services for your business will not be proportional to the added value. This means that you will soon start looking for a solution to help you with this challenge.

How can ServiceNow help with your digital transformation?

With the ServiceNow innovative solution, the IT Service Management (ITSM), you will be able to increase productivity, achieve new insights, align to your business priorities faster and deliver an amazing service to your users. Please see below a few examples of the ServiceNow applications that can help your business start the digital transformation.

  • Incident Management – makes it easier to contact support to track and fix issues
  • Problem Management – minimizes the business impact of service disruptions and reduces future disruptions
  • Change and Release Management – minimizes the change impact with clear information on risk and scheduling conflicts
  • Service Owner Workspace – manages and optimizes the IT services from a single workspace
  • Asset Management – automates the IT asset life cycles with workflows

By implementing the ServiceNow solutions, your IT department will be able to operate as a business, focused on your strategy, business objectives and value-based outcomes.

Do you struggle with providing seamless customer service?

As more companies struggle with providing an unforgettable customer experience, things get complicated on the way for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes a customer experience can turn sour either because it takes too much time for service agents to manually find a solution to a customer request, or because the customer care and support are integrated on different systems leading to inconsistencies in the service agents’ answers.

How can ServiceNow help with improving your customer service?

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management solutions, you go beyond the traditional Customer Relationship Management and will be able to create a seamless customer experience, from issue to resolution, to boost resolution efficiency but also to improve product and service quality. Moreover, the entire digital workflow can be obtimized and can reveal valuable insights over time. Please see below a few examples of the ServiceNow applications that can help you improve the support service you provide to your customers.

  • Agent Workspace – gets the full context and AI-assisted recommendations to facilitate resolutions and improve the efficiency of the service agents
  • Visual Workflow and Automation – uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to create end‑to‑end digital workflows that automate any business process
  • Virtual Agent – it provides conversational guidance using a chatbot, making it easier for customers to get what they need, whenever they need it 

By implementing the ServiceNow solutions, you will be able to delight your customers with personalized self-service options, by fixing their complex issues faster and with minimum costs.

Do you know how to keep your employees happy and productive?

Another challenge for companies nowadays struggling to remain competitive on the market is to make sure that their employees are happily working in their current jobs. The reason is simple: your employees are expecting consumer-grade experiences. 

Among the key challenges faced by your HR department are the recruitment and retention costs as the cost-per-hire KPI is one that you should constantly work to keep in check. Additionally, good monitoring and tracking of your employees’ progress as well as ensuring transparent communication with them will play key roles in keeping your employees happy and productive.

How can ServiceNow help with delivering a positive employee experience?

Built on the powerful ServiceNow platform, the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery can help you increase the productivity of your HR department with automation in digital workflows, streamline the onboarding and offboarding processes for your employees and also give them higher access to the HR services. Please see below a few examples of the ServiceNow applications that can help you increase your employees’ engagement in the workplace.

  • Case and Knowledge Management – allows you to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests
  • Employee Service Center – provides a single, brandable center for employees to find user‑specific content and receive step‑by‑step guidance when they need help.
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transition – configures digital workflows that manage employee lifecycle events across multiple departments on a single platform. Predictive Intelligence – frees your greatest resource—your employees—to focus on more meaningful and satisfying work 
  • Employee Document Management – manages paperless employee files and set retention rules to support corporate and legal regulations to improve efficiency and compliance.

By implementing the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, you will be able to improve employee satisfaction with efficient, intelligent services, increase their productivity and optimize service delivery and staffing efficiency.

Start benefiting from the ServiceNow technology and its digital workflows today! 

As Specialist ServiceNow Partner, our dedicated team can help you start your digital transformation journey for your business while creating a better experience for your employees and customers. After a careful review of your business, we will use the ServiceNow applications to optimize business processes and tasks across IT, customer service, security operations, and HR service delivery. Get in touch with us and let’s start making work better across your company!

Piotr Sokołowicz
Piotr Sokołowicz
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