Test-Automation Engineer

What do you do in Directpl?
I work as a Test Automation Engineer for one of our clients – Procter&Gamble. My main duties are developing and running automated tests for a few business applications (mobile and web). Earlier I worked in a mobile software house as a tester in the development team.

How/why did you join Directpl?
I found one of Directpl’s job offers in a testing group on Facebook and decided to apply. I didn’t succeed at that time, but later our HR Specialist, Ola called me and offered me an interview for another position. That position suited me even better as I already had coding experience and really wanted to improve my skills in test automation. So I decided to take the job.

What do you think about working in Directpl?/Why do you like working here?
I am really glad that I joined Directpl. After a year I can say I am growing into a real specialist in my field while working with real business clients on real applications that are used by thousands of users. I also really appreciate the atmosphere in my team. We also spend a lot of time together after work – on social and sports activities. If I could decide one more time, I would definitely join Directpl again! 🙂

What do you do in your free time?
In my spare time I am learning to play bass guitar, I ride my bike and make jewellery (soutache technic). I also like reading Latin American literature.

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