Application Testing

What do you do in Directpl? What did you do before joining Directpl?
I was given an opportunity in a Test Manager role at Directpl. I’m responsible for managing test projects, teams and processes for external clients. Previously I was an independent qa/test engineer assigned to projects as tester or test lead. I used to work for big corporations such as Samsung, Acxiom, Hoffman LA Roche, Opera Software and GTech.

Why did you join Directpl?
I joined Directpl because I was captivated by the way Angelo (CEO) himself contacted me and the way job interview went. I was thrilled to be given a chance to check myself in more complex situations and last but not least I enjoy the cosiness of knowing all my co-workers.

Why do you like working here?
I like working here mostly because the international projects I’m involved in are challenging and that’s the core of my work. People surrounding me are fun to be with and the coffee is more than good.

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