Test Manager

What do you do in DC?   

I am taking care of the Test process for one of our clients. This includes but is not limited to creating QA procedures, implementing automated tests and managing different teams in regards to testing.

How/why did you join DC? 

I got contacted via mail about an interesting offer and liked the interview. I heard positive feedback from my colleagues that already worked here and at this point, I knew it’s a place worth checking out, so I did and I stayed. I was very surprised to see how everyone here is friendly and eager to help with other co-workers, making it a really great place to work. Also, working with a client that is aware of QA needs in the development process helped me a lot with implementing new ideas and improving myself in the field of testing. I have not regretted the decision at all.

What do you do in your free time?  

I’m trying a lot of different things. In winter snowboard is the only thing I think and talk about and during rest of the year I play board games, slap in the bass or just chill and savor the peaceful moments 🙂

Your favorite motto/which words or phrases do you most overuse 

If it can happen, it will happen.

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