Recruitment Specialist

What do you do in DC?

I recruit IT specialists – developers, testers, engineers, consultants, etc. Previously I worked as an HR Specialist in an international company and an Office Assistant in an IT company.


How/why did you join Directpl?

It was just good timing. I was thinking about changing my job and I saw the job offer. I applied, had an interview and joined Direct. Working as a recruiter in IT is extremely interesting and challenging for me. I think it was a golden ticket.


What do you think about working in DC?

I think coming to Direct was the best choice I’ve ever made. There were a lot of things to learn at the beginning, but with small help I managed it. I have an opportunity to improve myself and earn more knowledge every day I’m working here. The atmosphere here is also fantastic. We have a chance to know each better after working hours at formal and informal meetings or parties.


What’s your perfect holiday destination?

Croatia.  I’ve been there many times, but it’s never enough. Another perfect destination is South Africa, Kenya – generally Africa.


What’s your favourite food? 

Everything I prepare on my own.  But I think that any kind of pasta is my number one.

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