In 2015, Coty Inc., purchased the Wella Brand and the Prestige line of fragrances and cosmetics from P&G. Along with the product lines, came many of the employees and paperless applications to manage sales effectiveness and customer support. These applications are based on the Apple iPad and used by reps in the field. The project was named “Galleria”. The Galleria project’s goal was to migrate existing applications, modify them according to Coty’s requirements, and create and connect them to Coty’s backend (VPN, VPCs).

Directpl assigned an internal project team that successfully performed all phases of the projects as follows:

Project Management: managing application lifecycle (design, build, development, testing, and maintenance) during the transition, interfacing with P&G and Coty stakeholders and developers.

Test Management: Creating a test plan and test case around user-stories, managing test team during SIT (System Integration Testing), inputting and controlling defects, making sure that developers address them in a timely fashion and in order of priority.
Testing: perform test cases and exploratory testing to assure a proper functioning solution, reporting defects into the management solution (RallyDev), tracking these defects and retesting them once they are reported as repaired.
Reporting Services: Reporting Services (RS) is an added value solution by Directpl that creates customer SQL queries and reports for Coty.
iOS Compliance: Testing applications according to predefined models: heavy or lite, against critical (ie. 10.0), major (ie. 10.1) and minor (ie. 10.1.3) iOS releases.

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Directpl provides several IT services for P&G globally such as: Project Management, Quality Assurance Testing and Coordination, Budgeting, Support and Development. All services are following best practises based on cobination of Agile and Lean principles – combined into one DevOps model.

Key focus areas: CRM mobile applications and tools (iOS, Android), local solutions for Manufacturing.

Directpl Customer Satisfaction


Currently our team in Warsaw working for Tacton is over 20 consultants and consists of system developers, testers, test managers and business consultants/modellers. Tacton Systems is a world leader in advanced configuration systems based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tacton’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software makes it dramatically simpler to configure, design and sell complex products. For example, manufacturing companies use Tacton’s CPQ software to design and quote new products in minutes as opposed to months using traditional methods.

Tacton’s partnership with Directpl enabled Tacton to access the rich pool of talent in Poland.


„At Tacton, we have to be very selective in choosing which partners to work with. It can be difficult to find developers with the unique combination of insight, technical skills and creativity needed to work on our highly advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. Direct Communication is a reliable, engaged partner who understands our business and vision while building our team in Poland.”

Robert Nilsson



Exensor Technology

Exensor Technology, with its headquarters in southern Sweden, is a world leading supplier in the design, development, integration and production of Networked Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Systems providing tailored sensor solutions to customers all over the world.

Exensor’s systems are in operation and used in a wide number of military as well as Home land Security applications.

We have a team of Polish developers working on Exensor’s projects remotely.


We engaged Directpl for a few projects for one of our clients. Directpl moved very quickly and were able to start the projects almost immediately with highly skilled people that worked under little supervision. All the developers were very good, hard working and with a lot of initiative, they quickly got up to speed and were ahead of time in the projects. The projects were a success.”

Erik Hedén


Technical Director



Each year more than 30 million people answer surveys that have been created by over 70,000 Webropol users. We want our customers to have the best so we continually develop our products to ensure they are user-friendly and secure. We provide a cost effective system without compromising on quality.
Established in Finland in 2002, Webropol provides online survey and analysis software. We also offer services to get the best insights from our solutions, such as training, consultancy and project management.
During Webropol’s 17 year history the company has experienced strong growth internationally. Today, we are established in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Independent Webropol resellers operate in Belgium and Latvia. As our customer base grows, our products are currently used in over 30 countries.”