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Directpl provides best in class IT Operations support for the largest corporations in the world.

Our approach to support large corporations and growing companies

Our Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment services (CI/CD) ensure that whenever a new code is pushed into the source repository, we verify quality to assess if the merge was successful. This can be done by implementing processes and services that are reliable, lean, and competent. DevOps Management and Operations Team guided by experienced Service Level Management are the foundations of modern IT Operations in CI/CD world. Our DevOps services are using best in class ITIL 4 best practices to deliver business value with the lowest cost and risk. Our passion and commitment are visible in each aspect of our work. We love to build and govern DevOps models in multi-vendor environments.

Our DevOps model is based on multiple services. Tell us where are you and what is your struggle – tell us your story and we will check if we can help to bring your Operations to the next level.


L1 Support

Ticket registration, access management, troubleshooting and escalation to L2.


L2 Support

Issue handling using quality standards and best practices, escalation to L3.


L3 Support

Complex issue analysis and resolution.


Service Level Management

Implementation of backout plans, ensuring data management processes, providing incident resolution plans, participating in Change Advisory Board Meetings, escalations and issue management, communication, downtime management.


DevOps Management Services

Implementing new technical processes during production, improving current CI/CD process if needed, risk management, release management, managing application lifecycle (design, build, development, testing, and production maintenance), reporting, and ongoing collaboration.


Data Management Services

Master Data validation, Master Data & Transactional Data verification and testing, data upload, data corrections and transformations.

Our Specialties


Asset%202Supported Technologies and Systems      Salesforce, ServiceNow, Veeva, Dell Boomi integrations, Azure
Asset%202Supported Tools      Jira, RallyDev, Panaya, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps
Asset%202Front End      We support from simple to big and custom-tailored mobile / web / tablet solutions

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