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Directpl ServiceNow Team: not just a group of developers

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We bring more value to our clients!

In Directpl we are dynamically expanding our ServiceNow expertise and services to bring more value to our clients.

ServiceNow’s cloud platform aims at optimizing business workflows and eliminating tool switching across the enterprise, bringing efficiency to numerous areas such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Legal, Research and Development, Procurement, Production, Logistics.

Imagine a one-stop-shop platform that seamlessly guides your employees/clients/customers through your full end-to-end business process – this is a great example of what we can do for you in ServiceNow to take their experience to the next level!

Directpl ServiceNow Team is not just a group of developers, it’s a cross-functional co-operative team with a competency mix and proven track records that creates a unique partnership experience for our clients. We are ready to go at full speed yet assuring quality, but instead of just doing A-Z tasks, we share our expertise adopting and adapting ourselves to our clients mindset from the very beginning to make sure we are fully aligned and create a safe and trustful environment.     

If the above resonates with your needs, we are happy to give you more insight, feel free to contact us directly:

Piotr Sokołowicz
Piotr Sokołowicz
ServiceNow Product Manager
tel: +48 512156990

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