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Ensure digital security with Directpl and ServiceNow

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Living in the digital era brings us many benefits and improves our lives in ways we never even thought to be possible before. However, it all comes at a price, the cost of your personal information. Every time you start surfing the Internet, you risk becoming the victim of a cyber attack and face tremendous losses, especially in terms of money. 

Nonetheless, as a company, if you want to keep your competitive edge on the market, you should embark on the digital transformation journey for your business as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might not be able to meet your clients’ expectations and will lose their trust. Fortunately, Directpl and ServiceNow come to the rescue with a large variety of secure digital solutions

Directpl: your partner for digital security

As a data controller operating in the European Union (EU) space, Directpl is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law that outlines global privacy requirements governing how to manage and protect personal data while respecting individual choice—regardless of where data is sent, processed, or stored. Therefore, as mentioned in our Privacy Policyany personal information provided in the contact form on our website is treated as confidential and is not visible to unauthorized persons.  

In our position as an IT outsourcing company, we understand the importance of securing the personal information of our clients and we make sure that all of our partners respect the same high-quality standards with respect to privacy and digital security

This is the reason why the moment we decided to enter into a new partnership with ServiceNow, we also investigated their take on protecting and securing the personal data they process in order to provide their tailored digital solutions. We were impressed by their diligence towards personal data protection and as a ServiceNow Specialist Technology Partner, we fully support and endorse the Now platform.

How does ServiceNow plan to gain your trust?

In order to earn their clients’ confidence in their products, ServiceNow made significant investments in technology, processes, and expertise to ensure that their cloud services meet even the highest digital security standards. From governmental regulatory and industry compliance objectives to implementing risk mitigation controls, ServiceNow provides fully encrypted digital solutions to ensure that your personal information is protected at all times.

With respect to privacy and compliance, ServiceNow is fully compliant with the GDPR within the EU space but also with the United States Privacy Shield principles. The EU – U.S. and Swiss – U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks provide a mechanism to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the U.S. in support of transatlantic commerce. The final objective is to give clients full control over their personal information.

How can you ensure digital security with ServiceNow?

ServiceNow provides a cloud-based platform and digital solutions that automate and optimize business processes and tasks across the entire company. The goal is to deliver digital experiences that help people do their best work. However, as a cloud platform, the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack is higher than ever, and this requires a carefully prepared security plan to ensure the protection of the clients’ personal data. 

ServiceNow took no shortcuts in this regard and created its high-quality digital security program across a number of key security domains. One of the main features is its multi-instance cloud architecture, which means that on a single cloud platform, many instances are deployed on a per-customer basis, each with its own dedicated database and application set. By using this type of cloud architecture, there is no risk of multi-tenancy as the customers’ data is completely isolated from each other. 

To sum up, ServiceNow instances operate on a single cloud platform that consists of one user interface, one code base, a common API (Application Programming Interface), and one data model. This business model allows ServiceNow to employ extensive digital security without the need to balance security over a highly diverse estate.

Secure, scalable and compliant ServiceNow cloud services

The ServiceNow cloud-based platform enables customers to link real-time data with their activities, tasks, and processes in a completely secure environment. To keep up with constant digital developments, the security policies and standards are updated regularly. Additionally, regular risk assessments are performed in order to identify and assess the likelihood and impact relating to risks.

By supporting thousands of identically provisioned ServiceNow instances, the platform allows for significant economies of scale and operational agility. By fully managing its software, services, and infrastructure, ServiceNow applies its three-tier logical architecture model that focuses mainly on securing the personal information processed within its infrastructure and instance of the platform.

ServiceNow is fully invested in providing its customers with a true enterprise-grade cloud. This means that when using the ServiceNow cloud-based platform, you are able to fully customize your cloud services and perform upgrades on your own schedule. Additionally, by making the ServiceNow infrastructure highly available, the redundancy between data center clusters in a chosen geography is instantly reduced. The final goal is to ensure that the ServiceNow cloud services will be able to scale to meet the needs of even the largest global companies in the world.

Start benefiting from the ServiceNow technology today! 

As Specialist ServiceNow Partner, our dedicated team can help you start your digital transformation journey for your business while creating a better experience for your employees and customers. After a careful review of your business, we will use the ServiceNow applications to optimize business processes and tasks across IT, customer service, security operations, and HR service delivery. Get in touch with us and let’s start making work better across your company!

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Piotr Sokołowicz
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