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Our Directpl approach is simple but effective. When taking on a new project, we focus on addressing the unique business needs and challenges of each and every client. We offer fully personalized software development and testing services, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Salesforce, and ServiceNow solutions to help you streamline your business processes, drive innovation and productivity.

Choose the collaboration approach that best suits your business needs!


We know that each project is unique, so when deciding to take on a new project, we start with a kick-off meeting to have a good understanding of your business needs and pain points. At this stage, we have thorough discussions about your expectations and challenges, about your business objectives and the given timeline to reach them.


After having an overview of your specific needs, we are able to provide an accurate proposal evaluation of the project with a quote and a binding contract that specifies exactly what activities will be included in the price, the type of billing (either on an hourly basis or a fixed project fee), and the deadlines to complete each task.


Our implementation approach includes consulting, requirements definition, development, quality assurance, documentation, roll-out activities (user training, etc.) hyper care, and operational support as needed. We have been running projects following Scrum methodology for the last five years, but we are flexible and adapt to our client’s preferences. Our Scrum masters obtained’s “Professional Scrum Master” or equivalent certification.


When deciding how the reporting will look through the entire duration of the project, we will establish clear roles for each member of the team. As the project progresses and we start making recommendations along the way, we want our clients to be involved in the decision-making process because their input is crucial in ensuring the success of the project.


We provide full monitoring and support services post-implementing the project because we want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Where needed, we make changes to optimize the performance and maximize the results.

We work...


...with your team remotely from Poland

We have teams of developers based in Warsaw who work directly with your project manager and development team wherever you are in the world.


...remotely from Poland with a visiting project manager

We work remotely but assign a project manager to the job who will travel between your location and ours to ensure a smooth running of the project.


...alongside you in your office

We can send our developer (or team) to work with you for the entire duration of the project (or for several projects), anywhere in the European Union, the United States, or the Philippines

What Our Clients Say

"At Tacton, we have to be very selective in choosing which partners to work with. It can be difficult to find developers with a unique combination of insight, technical skills, and creativity needed to work on our highly advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. Direct Communication is a reliable, engaged partner who understands our business and vision while building our team in Poland."

Robert Nilsson, Co-founder

"We engaged Directpl for a few projects for one of our clients. Directpl moved very quickly and were able to start the projects almost immediately with highly skilled people that worked under little supervision. All the developers were very good, hard-working and with a lot of initiative, they quickly got up to speed and were ahead of time in the projects. The projects were a success."

Erik Hedén, Technical Director

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