ServiceNow platform originates from ITSM (IT Service Management)


A number of practical, ready-to-use modules are available right away as the ITIL standard of ServiceNow IT workflow:

  • IT Business Management (ITBM) - ensures that the IT work is more aligned with the business priorities by continuously driving new innovative opportunities, planning, optimizing and reallocating resources as needed to reduce the time to market.
  • Security Operations - helps companies improve the speed of their security response by efficiently connecting IT and security across a single platform.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) - provides companies with a single integrated risk management program that uses cross-functional automation to boost productivity and control risk exposure in real-time.
  • IT Operations Management (ITOM) - refers to the efficient management of the company’s IT infrastructure, with a complete overview of the IT resources and adoption of a preventive approach to fix potential issues using predictive intelligence.
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) - enables a complete overview of the IT asset lifecycle using a single platform to improve efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce costs.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) - includes all activities and processes planned by an organization to enhance the customer experience, from increasing productivity with the automation of routine tasks, to getting full visibility with real-time analytics and built-in dashboards.

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