Penetration Testing

Identify exploits and vulnerabilities to keep attackers out of your network. Directpl can perform internal and external penetration tests that simulate real and malicious attacks against your network and resources. External penetration tests presume the attacker is outside of your attack or have no access to internal systems while internal penetration tests presume that the attacker has insider access to your systems.

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Web and Mobile/Computer Application and Software Security Audits

What would happen if your software has a flaw that allows unauthorized users to gain access to corporate data? How can you be sure that a SaaS solution that your company uses is securely sending or storing your corporate information?

Directpl offers a service that takes the guesswork out of this. Directpl offers manual and automation review processes to determine software compliance with your company’s IT security policy. Directpl will present its findings and make recommendations to the security of your software solutions.

Wireless network audits

Test your wireless network’s security to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network and the wider business. Wireless network penetration testing benefits businesses of all sizes as it can assist in reducing the exposure of your wireless devices to threats.

Directpl can test your companies wireless defense and provide detailed information about vulnerabilities and data that was captured as a result of the penetration test, allowing your business to quickly and efficiently patch security issues.

Physical Device Penetration Testing

While protecting networks is important. Just as important is protecting your physical devices and locations.

In this area, Directpl will attempt to find vulnerabilities and exploit those vulnerabilities in your physical devices (e.g. cameras, laptops, or smartcards) to highlight security issues that can be addressed.

At the end of the project, we will provide you with a report about our methodology, findings, and recommended steps for correcting discovered vulnerabilities.

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