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Reinvent customer experience with Directpl and ServiceNow!

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Providing a seamless customer experience (CX) is a top priority for companies that are embarking on their digital transformation journey. In fact, according to Gartner research, with 30% of companies considering it a top marketing capability for investment, an effective CX strategy is an enterprise-wide effort. This means that all marketing leaders should focus their efforts on guiding the employees in the company to optimize customer interactions.

The golden rule of improving customer experience: Know your target audience

First and foremost, you should put your customers in the driver’s seat at every step of your digital transformation journey because they will help you drive business value. Without close collaboration between the customer service and the other departments in the company, there is an increased risk that a customer will be sent back and forth between departments without ever having their issue resolved. 

This only increases their frustration and will deliver a negative customer experience that will reflect badly on your company’s image. All things considered, you should really make an effort to get to know your customers and better understand their needs so that you can create an exceptional customer service experience. 

Roadblocks to successful customer interaction

Let’s explore some of the key challenges in providing efficient customer support, identified by analyzing different customer profiles across several organizations.

  • Too many support requests coming through different, expensive and time-consuming channels. Traditional support solutions mainly include contact by phone and email. The problem with these channels is that they are more expensive to operate, as they involve additional time for rekeying tracking and assignment operation. Just think how easier your life would be if you could provide full-customer service over a single platform.
  • Many support requests were for questions that could be resolved with basic knowledge sharing. It happens very often that the information needed to answer basic questions or completing simple tasks is difficult to find. This only means that customer support representatives are spending a lot of time on repetitive actions that could be automated.
  • Legacy system support was too varied across products and expensive to maintain. When using legacy systems, there is a high risk that you cannot address the more technologically-advanced customer requests. 

The general tendency is that companies leverage multiple solutions across products and support tiers, which lead to many inefficiencies, added costs, and missed business opportunities. 

Prioritize your customer service activities and measure the results

Great service means more than just engaging your customers. Delight them with proactive, end-to-end service and focus on the following three top customer service priorities:

  1. Improve the value of customer interactions; 
  2. Increase customer satisfaction; and 
  3. Improve the consistency of customer interactions.

The road to transforming your customer experience requires engaging employees and viewing exceptional service as an asset. 

Move beyond traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When adopting a modern customer service approach, you will be able to address the increasing demand for connected experiences and delight your customers with a seamless journey. By integrating customer engagement with service operations and delivery, ServiceNow CSM moves beyond the traditional CRM and adopts a more proactive approach. 

With intelligent customer interaction monitoring and operational digitization, you will be able to provide a seamless, closed-loop customer experience. No matter where you are on the road to digital transformation, with ServiceNow CSM solution you can transform the customer experience and will be able to:

  • Increase efficiency by seamlessly connecting departments across your company;
  • Instantly take care of common customer requests with self-service technology;
  • Anticipate and fix potential problems even before your customers are aware of them;
  • Maximize upsell, cross-sell and word-of-mouth opportunities to reach new customers. 

As Specialist ServiceNow Technology Partner, Directpl can help you implement the ServiceNow CSM solution in your business and start providing an exceptional customer experience.

Start benefiting from the ServiceNow technology today! 

Our dedicated team can help you start your digital transformation journey for your business while creating a better experience for your employees and customers. After a careful review of your business, we will use the ServiceNow applications to optimize business processes and tasks across IT, customer service, security operations, and HR service delivery. Get in touch with us and let’s start making work better across your company!

Piotr Sokołowicz
Piotr Sokołowicz
ServiceNow Product Manager
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