We code success!

We build agile, efficient teams to build your success, regardless of the stage of your software development. We can also help your team to deliver goals by reinforcing or completing your existing Dev Team.

When to choose Directpl
as your software development outsourcing partner?

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Do you need a dedicated team of software developers for your new project but don’t have the time and money to recruit and train an entire team?

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Do you struggle with the lack of in-house experience to deliver the required solution for your client?

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Do you need a dedicated team of software developers to take on a new project while your in-house team focuses on your core business strategy?

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Do you want more flexibility in delivering the required solutions to your clients without letting your available resources dictate your timelines?

With more than 20 years of experience in providing software development solutions, Directpl is ready to take on any challenge and take your business to the next level.

Accelerate your Software Development project with Directpl!

How can we help you streamline your business processes?

Whether you want to fully outsource your entire service development department to us or need a small dedicated team of software developers to join forces with your existing team, we can help.
When you decide to outsource your software development service to us, you will benefit from a fully dedicated team focused solely on successfully delivering your project on time. Additionally, you have instant access to seasoned IT professionals who will take your business to new levels with their fresh perspectives, experience, and performance.

How will you benefit when choosing Directpl as your software development partner?


Create your own team of developers and have access to world-class capabilities


Manage risks more efficiently and take on more projects


Get direct access to each member of your dedicated team of software developers


Negotiate your project’s costs based on your business requirements


Adapt teams to your process and methodologies with lower operational and labor costs


Have total control of the workflow, planning and cut off functions which can help optimize your business

Our 5-step checklist for running a software development project

STEP 1   Set up the goal of the software

One of the vital factors in ensuring a project’s success is to have a good understanding of the objectives we want to achieve with the software.

STEP 2    Choose technologies

Our main software development Front-End and Back-End skills:

  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • UIPath (RPA, process automation)
  • Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, .NET, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Python  
  • MSSQL, Oracle, C, C#, VB, PHP

STEP 3    Keep documentation up to date

We provide detailed software documentation to address any additional inquiries that might appear along the way: HP ALM, JIRA, Rally Dev.

STEP 4    Add and test new features

As the project moves along, we may discover new business needs to address, which is why we always ensure that our solutions are fully scalable to adding new features.

STEP 5    Compliance testing

Constant monitoring and testing of the newly implemented solutions and processes is the last ingredient to ensuring the success of our clients’ projects.

What industries do we serve?

For the past 10 years, we have been providing personalized software development solutions to our clients coming from the following three main industries:







What do our clients say?


At Tacton, we have to be very selective in choosing which partners to work with. It can be difficult to find developers with the unique combination of insight, technical skills and creativity needed to work on our highly advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. Direct Communication is a reliable, engaged partner who understands our business and vision while building our team in Poland.

Robert Nilsson, Co-founder


We engaged Directpl for a few projects for one of our clients. Directpl moved very quickly and were able to start the projects almost immediately with highly skilled people that worked under little supervision. All the developers were very good, hard-working and with a lot of initiative, they quickly got up to speed and were ahead of time in the projects. The projects were a success.

Erik Hedén, Technical Director


Let’s get in touch and start our collaboration for a better future of your business!