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In 2015, Coty Inc., purchased the Wella Brand and the Prestige line of fragrances and cosmetics from P&G. Along with the product lines, came many of the employees and paperless applications to manage sales effectiveness and customer support. These applications are based on the Apple iPad and used by reps in the field. The project was named “Galleria”. The Galleria project’s goal was to migrate existing applications, modify them according to Coty’s requirements, and create and connect them to Coty’s backend (VPN, VPCs).

Directpl assigned an internal project team that successfully performed all phases of the projects as follows:

Project Management: managing application lifecycle (design, build, development, testing, and maintenance) during the transition, interfacing with P&G and Coty stakeholders and developers.

Test Management: Creating a test plan and test case around user-stories, managing test team during SIT (System Integration Testing), inputting and controlling defects, making sure that developers address them in a timely fashion and in order of priority. Testing: perform test cases and exploratory testing to assure a proper functioning solution, reporting defects into the management solution (RallyDev), tracking these defects and retesting them once they are reported as repaired. Reporting Services: Reporting Services (RS) is an added value solution by Directpl that creates customer SQL queries and reports for Coty. iOS Compliance: Testing applications according to predefined models: heavy or lite, against critical (ie. 10.0), major (ie. 10.1) and minor (ie. 10.1.3) iOS releases.

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