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What is ServiceNow technology all about?

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What is ServiceNow?

It is an intelligent and intuitive enterprise cloud platform that reduces the complexity of work by optimizing business workflows and eliminating tool switching across different departments. The main purpose is to achieve true end-to-end digital transformation for your company, create great experiences and unlock productivity for your employees and enterprise.

Three Digital Workflows

When using the Now Platform, you will be able to predict, prioritize and proactively manage the work that matters the most. In fact, you can see ServiceNow as a digital workflow engine, delivering intuitive experiences for three main directions, namely IT, Employee and Customer workflows, to ensure that work happens smoothly across your company’s systems and departments.

  • IT Workflows – transform the IT experience across your company with a unified platform to deliver high‑performance business services and respond faster to security incidents, vulnerabilities, and enterprise risks.
  • Employee Workflows – deliver next-gen employee experiences with intelligent workflows and effortless service, to ensure that cross-departmental work happens easily and unlocks enterprise-wide productivity.
  • Customer Workflows – delight your customers by resolving complex issues with predictive intelligence and automated self-service.

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows to simplify work on a single, unified, enterprise cloud platform.

Why should you choose ServiceNow?

The entire business strategy of ServiceNow focuses around using technology to reduce the complexity of the jobs and allowing employees to focus on the work that matters the most. So the best way to look at the benefits of the Now platform is to see them through the eyes of the three digital workflows mentioned above.

Simplify the IT experience

From an IT perspective, the main barrier to digital transformation consists of complex legacy tools, so the first thing to do to overcome such an obstacle would be to modernize your IT service management.

  • Implement a new service desk with built‑in proven practices and an easy‑to‑use service portal that makes submitting requests and delivering services painless;
  • Work smarter with Agent Intelligence to automatically categorize and assign tasks and gain control with complete IT service visibility;
  • Prioritize and resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities based on business impact;
  • Build digital workflow apps across the enterprise with a single, unified platform.

Taking everything into account, you could think of the IT department as a business which requires that you gain complete portfolio and financial visibility, align it better with the company’s vision and accelerate service delivery.

Increase customer satisfaction

As the customer needs are always at the center of this technology, ServiceNow focuses its efforts towards achieving new levels of user productivity and satisfaction with intuitive mobile experiences.

  • Digitally transform customer service by connecting departments, workflows, and systems to proactively resolve customer issues.
  • Provide a personalized experience for customers while automating and reducing case volume for agents.

ServiceNow can help you deliver an effortless customer experience, connect teams to fix issues and proactively prevent calls. 

Consumerize the employee service experience 

Looking at the ServiceNow benefits from an HR perspective, you can increase the HR efficiency while making it easy for employees to get service across the enterprise.

  • Implement cross-enterprise integrations to unite employees and processes and deliver seamless experiences;
  • Help your employees get what they need and when they need it by automating repetitive work with chatbots and machine learning
  • Deliver actionable insights to your employees with real-time, predictive analytics.

With ServiceNow, you can deliver a better employee experience by providing fast, personalized and ever-improving levels of service, even for processes like onboarding that span beyond HR. 

Why is ServiceNow ideal for your business?

ServiceNow is ideal for building business applications that:

  • Replace processes managed in spreadsheets and email;
  • Modernize and improve departmental apps built on legacy platforms;
  • Automate processes, particularly those with a request-fulfill pattern.

Ultimately, ServiceNow can take care of your specific end-to-end business workflow and serve as a one-stop-shop interface, integrating other solutions and bringing user experience to the next level.

Start benefiting from what is ServiceNow technology offering today! 

As Specialist ServiceNow Partner, our dedicated team can help you start your digital transformation journey for your business while creating a better experience for your employees and customers. After a careful review of your business, we will use the ServiceNow applications to optimize business processes and tasks across IT, customer service, security operations, and HR service delivery. Still wondering what is ServiceNow and what can it do for your business? Get in touch with us and let’s start making work better across your company! 

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ServiceNow Product Manager


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